A year of social distance

Covid-19 has confronted us with many challenges. But no doubt one of the biggest challenges has been the social distance to which we have been forced. Regardless of the economic resources that each one has, we have all been deprived of hugging our loved ones. Having a home, work or being in good health no longer guarantees that we will not end up in an ICU. Regardless of your origin or your beliefs, the insecurity, loneliness and distance experienced has been something we have all experienced.

An invisible reality for many

Unfortunately, social distance is not exceptional for the more than 4,200 people without a place to live living in Barcelona. It is estimated that this 2020, as a consequence of the pandemic, some 700 more people have ended up in this situation, and there are already more than 1,200 people sleeping directly on the street. For all these people, distancing is part of their day-to-day. This is a reality that is very close to us, but which we prefer not to see.

A wave of humanisation

It is in this context that we present #AcercamientoSocial (Social Approach), a movement that aims to make this reality visible and raise awareness about the importance of getting involved. Through small great gestures that anyone can carry out, we seek to promote the support of those people who are more alone and encourage a change of heart, closer and more human.

Join us and join forces

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